ENG 225 - Children's Literature (Fairy Tales, Folklore, Myths, and Legends)

Your guide to fairy tales, legends, folklore, and myths from all over the world.


Middle East

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Fairy Tales, Folklore, Myths, and Legends around the World

This page is organized by geographical region and lists just some of the many items you can find in the STCC library.  Included are individual stories as well as anthologies, or collections of texts often related by theme, genre, or region.  Here you will find everything from fairy tale picture books for children to scholarly texts about mythology.  Note that this is NOT a comprehensive list of all fairy tales you can find in the library.  Hover your mouse over the icon for a synopsis of or more information about any of the sources listed here.

North America

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General American Folklore

African American Folklore

Native American Folklore

Tall Tales

Latin America

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