ENG 225 - Children's Literature (Fairy Tales, Folklore, Myths, and Legends)

Your guide to fairy tales, legends, folklore, and myths from all over the world.

Andrew Lang's Fairy Books

Andrew Lang's Fairy Books arranged in rainbow order

Andrew Lang collected fairy tales from a wide variety of sources between 1889 and 1910.  The STCC library has some of these beautifully illustrated volumes, and you can also find all of the books freely available on the web to read (here), as audio books (here), or as e-books through the STCC Library catalog.

Search the STCC Catalog

Search the HELM Catalog to find books, ebooks, films, and other materials available from the STCC Library and other community college libraries.  Search by author, title of a tale, or subject by selecting one of these options from the lower left dropdown menu. 

Some example subject search terms include:

  • Fairy tales
  • Folklore--Mali
  • Fables
  • Mythology, Greek

*For more information on searching the catalog and finding materials, click here.

Browse the Stacks!

Not sure where to start?  Try browsing the stacks. You might find something you know and love, or you might find something totally new! The stacks are organized by call number, and each call number range represents a particular subject. This means that books on the same topic will be located in the same general area.


Folklore and fairy tales for children are located in the PZ call number range in the Children's Books section.  Also, look for the "Folk and Fairy Tales" sign pointing to our collection of children's picture books in this genre.  Many of the background resources and folklore from around the world can be found in the GR call number range of the 2nd floor stacks.  Books on mythology from all cultures are grouped in the BL call number range and folkore of the American indigenous population can be found in both the 2nd floor stacks and the juvenile section in the E98-99 call number range.

Unusual Items

In addition to the many books listed around this guide, here are a few unique items to spark your research interests!  As always, hover your mouse over the icon for a synopsis of or more information about any of the sources listed here.

Cinderella: Variations

Cinderella is one of the most beloved fairy tales.  The STCC library has a number of variations of this story from many different cultures.  How do these retellings compare?  What elements of the tale seem universal?  What aspects of the story are different?

Visit the Cinderella Bibliography from the University of Rochester for a compendium of versions from around the world in various media both ancient and modern, including print, film and tv, decorative objects, and stage performances.