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Literature Research


Here you will find resources specifically related to analysis and criticism of poetry, poetry anthologies, and biographies of poets. They are meant to be consulted in addition to the sources found in other pages of this guide. Visit the STCC Library Poetry Research Guide for even more resources related to poets, poems, and the analysis of poetry!

Find a Poem

Poetry Anthologies in the STCC Library

This is just a sample of the poetry anthologies you can find in the STCC Library.  Anthologies are collections of texts by various authors, often related by theme, literary genre, or geography. 

Poetry Criticism

The websites linked below offer criticism of a wide range of poetry.  While there are few websites that offer criticism of individual poems, there are sites devoted to particular poets such as The Walt Whitman Archive that provide criticism of that author's poetry.  A keyword search in Google or other online search engine of the poem's title along with criticism, analysis or introduction may return sites that provide explications of the poem.