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Tech2Go: FAQ

Chromebook FAQ

>No fines will assessed on Chromebooks and Hotspots until May 15, 2020.   

Please call to renew items by phone 413-755-4532.


What can I do with a Chromebook?

>  Access the internet (email, Blackboard, Facebook, you name it)

>  Use Google tools like Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more

>  Stream video from the web


What do I need to use a Chromebook?

>  Use your STCC email account and email password. 

>  Log in with your full STCC email address -

Check out this getting started video.


Do I need wireless access?

>   You'll need wireless access to use a Chromebook.

>   When connecting,  get your network name and password.

Check out this video describing how to connect your Chromebook to Wifi. 

Chromebook Help Page making WiFi connection process easy


Can I download software to my Chromebook (i.e. Powerpoint, Word, etc.)?

>   No. Chromebooks are not designed to download software. If you would like to create documents you can use free web-based tools like Google Docs, Google Slides, etc.

> Similarly, you cannot save items to a Chromebook. You cannot download and edit files that were sent to you using Word, Powerpoint, etc. 

How can I save a Google Doc as a Word Document On A Chromebook?


1. First, open the file you want to convert to Word format.

2. Click “File” at the top of the document, then hover over “Download.”

3. You’ll see a list of options appear within this menu. click the “Microsoft Word” option.

-The Google Doc will save as a Microsoft Word Document in the Chromebook’s 'Downloads' folder.

-You can attach this .docx file to an email for sending to a faculty member who requires a you submit a Word Doc.


How to attach a Google Doc to Blackboard?  

>Helpful Video


How do I access and launch Zoom?

>Check out this article from Zoom support.titled Getting Started On Chrome OS.


Do Chromebooks have accessibility features?

>Check out tthis page from Google Accessibility Support.


ProTip #1  When using a Chromebook click  CTRL + ALT + ? to bring up the keyboard shortcut cheat sheet.   


Ask Us on Chat!

For questions during closure,  chat to with your STCC email account   during library hours for research assistance. Need Help with Chat?