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Tech2Go: Fall 2023 Device Loans

Device Borrowing

Requesting a New Device for Fall 2023 Courses

Please fill out the form below to request a device(s) for the Fall 2023 Semester:  

NOTE:   There are now waitlists for hotspots and Chromebooks.

Before making a request, please read about library device loans by visiting our website:

All students will receive a confirmation email after their form has been processed. Please be patient. Every form is processed individually and confirmation emails are individually sent by a library staff member. This takes time, but we promise you will hear from us either way. 

**If you have not received a confirmation email, you cannot pick up a device.** 

Please note that if you have not registered and/or selected courses for the semester, we cannot loan you a device. You must be registered to take classes during the semester for which you are requesting or renewing a device.

All devices will be loaned for the entire Fall semester.  Due date for devices borrowed this Fall will be December 22nd, 2023.

Renewing a Chromebook

Renewing a Chromebook

If you are taking Fall 2023 classes and you'd like to keep your Chromebook from the Summer semester, please fill out a renewal request: 
When prompted, please indicate that you are requesting a Chromebook renewal.
STCC Library staff will verify that you are enrolled in Fall courses and renew the Chromebook accordingly. The new due date will be December 22nd, 2023.

No WiFi Hotspot Renewals

No WiFi Hotspot Renewals

Renewals will not be accepted for currently loaned WiFi Hotspots.

All outstanding WiFi Hotspots should be returned to the library.    A new request will have to be submitted to obtain a device for the Fall 2023 semester. 

Hotspot Alternative

Hotspot Alternative

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a new FCC** benefit program that helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more.  Learn more:

**An agency of the United States Federal Government.  Not affiliated with the STCC Library.

Returning a Device?

Chromebook/Hotspot returns accepted now at the Library in Building 19 - 2nd floor during library hours.

All devices from Summer semester must be returned by: Aug. 18th, 2023.