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How do I?: How do I Use the Catalog

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Using the Catalog

Your catalog provides access to the STCC library's collection of:

  • books
  • movies
  • audio books
  • magazines
  • reference books
  • electronic materials

Additionally, we are able to borrow material from over 100 libraries through the C/W MARS (Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing) system. This means that if we don't have an item you want, check other libraries (see instructions below) and the item will be shipped here within approximately 4 business days, no charge to you! The information below is a basic introduction to using the online catalog. You can get more detailed help here. 

Use the catalog to find items in the STCC or other C/W MARS libraries
To place a hold on an item
Locating an item
To log in to your library account

Use the catalog to find items in the STCC or other C/W MARS libraries. You can search :

  • by KEYWORD(s)  essential words that you want to see in an item,  ex: "offset printing"
  • by an AUTHOR'S NAME,  last name first, ex: Kriftcher, Matthew 
  • by the TITLE of an item, ex:  Basic Book of Graphic Arts
  • by the assigned SUBJECT(S) , if you know it,  ex: "Printing",  or  "Printing America History"

image of CW MARS search boxes with search option menu dropped down displaying options, keyword, title, author, subject, series.

screen shot of search boxes and options with search options menu dropped down



If you don't find what you need or want in the STCC catalog,  you can expand  your search to other C/WMARS libraries. Simply click on the drop down  box where "STCC" appears and you will see the list of all the libraries in Western Massachusetts that are members of C/W MARS. You can search the collection of an individual library, academic members only, or search the entire system by selecting the appropriate choice.




Locating an item:

After finding an item in the catalog you can find information about the item's availability and location.

From the results page you can view the item's availability and call number (circled in red below):

screen shot of library catalog search results with information circled in red.

  • Additionally, from the item page you can view the call number, availability, and location (circled in red below):

screen shot of item page with information circled in red.


To place a hold on an item:

  • Prior to placing a hold on an item you must register your ram card in the library.
  • Search the online catalog to find the desired item.
  • Once found, click the "Place a hold" button next to the item in the results page or on right hand side of the item's page.
  • Follow the instructions on the next page to log in (username is your ram card number and password is last name in all caps).
  • BE SURE you have item(s) delivered to STCC using the drop down menu

screen shot of hold submit page with location menu circled in red

  • Click "SUBMIT". 
  • You will be notified when the item arrives,

To log in to your library account:

  • You must first register your RamCard in the library. You must do this once per academic year.
  • From the catalog home page click "log into my account."

screen shot of catalog home screen with log in button circled

  • Log in with the barcode number on the back of your RamCard and your password. Default passwords are your last name in all capital letters.

screen shot of log in page with arrows highlighting username and password areas.

  • Once logged in you can view and mange items you have checked out, fines, and items on hold. You can do this by clicking on the links at the top of the page or by using the tabs below. 

screen shot of user page with circles highlighting areas.