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How do I?: Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to succeed in the library...

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: How Do I...

Get a library card?
Use my RamCard in the library?
Find an item in the library?
Pay a fine for an overdue or lost item?
Schedule a class or event in the library?
Put an item on reserve for my class to use?
Request that the library acquire an item?
Get something from another library?
Print, fax, or photocopy?
Report an emergency, safety problem or problem with another user in the Library?
Find something I lost or left in the library?
Use the library computers as a guest?


Get a library card?

  • Your STCC RamCard becomes your library card when you activate the barcode on the BACK of the card. You can do this at the library's circulation desk. If you don't have a RamCard, bring a picture ID and your student schedule to Building 15, Room 104, the RamCard office.
  • Barcodes are good for the entire academic year (September to May).
  • If you want summer access, get your registration updated at the circulation desk after the end of May.
  • Faculty and staff can bring their RamCards to the circulation desk to activate.  Faculty and staff bar codes are updated as a courtesy every September.

Use my RamCard in the library?

While in the STCC library, your RamCard lets you:

  • Borrow circulating and reserve materials.
  • Pick up items on hold for you from another library (you have seven days to pick up your items).
  • Sign on to a library computer to use databases, MS-Word and the Internet.
  • Borrow a laptop or netbook for in-library use.

Off campus you need it to:

  • Access databases for articles and reference books from the library homepage.
  • View Films on Demand.
  • Open an e-book from our catalog.
  • Borrow an e-audio, e-video or ebook from our Overdrive system.
  • Borrow materials in person from another C/W MARS academic library.

And, from either on or off campus use it to:

  • Renew books. Click here to sign in with your library barcode and password.
  • Access e-books.
  • Pay a fine or make a contribution to the library's funds.

Find an item in the library?

  • First, determine the FORMAT of the item (book, cd, dvd, etc.) you are seeking. If you want to browse, visit 
    • the STACKS on the second floor for  circulating books.
    • the REFERENCE AREA on the first floor for reference items.
    • the JUVENILE section on the second floor for children's and young adult books.
    • the ROUNDERS on the first floor for paperbacks.
  • To find something you identified through our catalog,  you can take a picture of the information with your smart phone OR write down the:
    • Library of Congress call number, which you will find on the SPINES of most items.
      • These are alphnumerica combinations.
      • Appearing in a single line in the catalog read out like this:
        • HC106.6.G35 1971 (Library of Congress Call number)
        • PS3568.O855.P56 2004
      • On actual books, though, the call number looks like this:
G 35
  • There are some items with BROWSABLE call numbers, like these:
    • PIC S (Picture book call number) 
    • PC (Author's name) or PC Non-Fiction)
  • Get the shelving information
  • And, check the item's status
  • FYI - Shelving Locations that appear in the library's catalog are:
    • Stacks (second floor)
    • Juvenile (second floor)
    • A-V (first floor)
    • Reserve

Pay a fine for an overdue or lost item?

  • Visit the circulation desk to pay for lost or overdue items.
  • Students will be prevented from registering or obtaining transcripts if library charges are not settled.

Schedule a class or event in the library?

  • Call 755-4549 to schedule a class with a reference librarian. We will set up a consultation session along with a date and time for your class.
  • Please note that instructors must be present during library instruction sessions.

Put an item on reserve for my class to use?

  • Bring items to the circulation desk.
  • Please remember to retrieve your items after the semester ends.

Request that the library acquire an item?

  • Suggestions can be submitted by email, or by coming to the reference desk to complete a request card.
  • All library users are welcome to suggest items that should be added to the collections by submitting recommendations at the circulation desk.

Get something from another library?

  • If the STCC Library doesn't have what you need, and you can tell from the catalog that it's in another library, you can request that the item be sent from that other library. We  will call you when it arrives.
  • If you can tell from the catalog that none of the C/W MARS libraries has the item you need, come to the reference desk for Interlibrary Loan assistance.  Please note: this can take 8+ work days.

       FYI: Interlibrary loan is the process that lets libraries lend each other materials for one another's patrons.

Print, fax, or photocopy?  

  • Students should sign into computers using their WebAdvisor username & password. For more information on the campus' print management system for students, please visit Printing for Students.
  • Guests can be logged into computers at the Computer Help Desk and are expected to pick up and pay for their copies (B&W only) at the Circulation Desk.
  • Costs are 10 cents a page for black and white, and 25 cents a page for color, whether you are copying or printing.
  • The copier accepts coins or bills to make copies or send faxes.
  • The charge for double sided copies is still 15 cents.
  • The library charges 25 cents per page to fax.
  • Cover sheets are available.
  • Faxes can be sent only within the United States.
  • The library fax does not accept return faxes.

Report an emergency, safety problem or problem with another user in the Library?

  • Please come to a service desk on the first floor of the library.
  • You can also call 755-4845, 755-4549 or campus police at 755-3911 if there is a genuine emergency.

Find something I lost or left in the library?

  • The computer help desk holds electronic items (flashdrives, earphones, etc.)
  • Other lost items are held at by the circulation desk. Call 755-4532 or 755-4845.
  • Sensitive items such as wallets or cell phones are typically held until the end of the day and then turned into campus safety.
  • Items that are not claimed are discarded at the end of a term.

Use the library computers as a guest?

  • Guests may use the library computers at the discretion of library staff.
  • Guest access is limited to after 1:30 p.m. during the week. This time is subject change based on student need.