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Landscape Design

This guide will help you get started finding resources related to plant growth, identification, care and maintenance. There are tabs for specific kinds of items. In addition, there are separate tabs for biographies and plant propagation.

Why use reference books?

Reference books give you:

  • A quick introduction to your subject by covering a lot of points briefly;
  • In-depth background on some of the major elements of your topic;
  • Vocabulary to use for searches in other resources;
  • Bibliographies that can give you ideas for other resources;

Landscape Design Reference Books

The following is just a sampling of reference works available in the STCC Library. These books circulate to students for four weeks (faculty have longer borrowing times). If you would rather photocopy pages instead, there are two copiers on the 2nd floor of the library, including a color copier near the Circulation Desk. There is also a copier on the third floor.