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Landscape Design

This guide will help you get started finding resources related to plant growth, identification, care and maintenance. There are tabs for specific kinds of items. In addition, there are separate tabs for biographies and plant propagation.


The following databases may be useful to you for your research on landscape design and landscape management (remember to use alternative search terms!):


What is a Database?

A database in general is a collection of information organized to be searched by computer. On the STCC Library Web site, our electronic databases are collections of articles or in-depth reports that you can retrieve through your Internet connection. The library has subscriptions to both general databases (example: EbscoHost Academic Search Premier) or subject specific databases (example, U.S. History in Context). These databases usually provide full-text access to journal articles. If you want to be sure to retrieve only full-text articles, meaning you will have access to the article right there on your computer rather than getting back only a citation, be sure to click on the "full-text" option on your search screen.

Typically, for research projects, students will search for what are referred to as "scholarly articles." The distinction stressed is between an article that is researched, supported by objective evidence, and sometimes "peer reviewed" (i.e, schorlarly) as opposed to an opinion piece, or a piece of light journalism (i.e., an article from People Magazine). Peer reviewed means that in order to get published in that particular journal, the article was reviewed by scholars in that field.

Our databases are purchased for the exclusive use of those on-site, or those holding current STCC library bar codes.

The databases listed above should be helpful for your research about landscape design.

Using Library Resources From Off Campus