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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Information and resources on Open Educational Resources (OER) available to faculty & students free of cost.

Understanding the Creative Commons Licenses

Infographic explaining the different licenses considered Creative Commons

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About the Licenses

About the Licenses

Learn more about the different Creative Commons licenses and how they affect using and sharing open resources and materials.

Choose a License Tool

This simple tool helps you choose a Creative Commons license based on your license feature preferences.

The 5 R's of Open

Understanding what you can do with a resource that is truly open.

STCC Library Copyright Guide

A website outlining the basics of copyright and fair use. Includes various resources to help you determine if and how you may use a copyrighted work in the classroom.

Public Domain

In addition to Creative Commons licensed works, works in the public domain can be legally distributed, and thus may be helpful in building an OER-based course.

Public domain is a complicated legal concept. The Cornell Library has an excellent guide to Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States