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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Information and resources on Open Educational Resources (OER) available to faculty & students free of cost.

Authoring, Remixing, Accessibility

Readings & Other Resources: Accessibility

Creating accessible OER is imperative. Use these resources to ensure that all students can access and use any resources you are using in the classroom.

OER Accessibility Toolkit

Authoring Accessible OER

Open Washington: Accessibility

IT Accessibility Checklist

Readings & Other Resources: Authoring

A 7-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Open Educational Resources

Webinar: OER Authoring Tools

Webinar: Open Textbook Publishing and Adoption

Distributing Your OER

Course Management Systems

Course Management Systems can be used to distribute OERs and materials for a course to students.

STCC Blackboard
Google Classroom

Publishing Your OER Materials

Making your OER materials publicly available to more than just your own students will increase the impact of your OER. 

STCC, along with all public higher education institutions in Massachusetts, is part of the OER repository known as "Open Massachusetts." All STCC faculty have free access to publish on Open Massachusetts. It is a place where you can publish a full OER textbook or course, as well as individual materials such as syllabi, assignments, lectures, videos etc.

Open Massachusetts: A Public Higher Education Repository

Training is available for those who want to publish their OER on Open Massachusetts. Contact the OER Librarian, Emily Butler, for more information: 

Publishing an OER Textbook

Publishing an OER Textbook

Interested in publishing an OER textbook? The resources below provide best practices and tips for getting started.

Not ready to create your own OER textbook or course? Check out the BCcampus Open Textbook Adoption Guide.