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STCC OER Course List

The following courses use free and/or openly licensed resources.

Course Number Course Name Faculty
ART 120 Art History 1 D. Ross
ART 121 Art History: Renaissance & Baroque D. Ross
ART 123 Art & Culture F. Riddle
ART 160 Experimental Computer Imaging 1 D. Ross
ART 221 History of Modern Art D. Ross
ART 260* Experimental Computer Imaging 2 D. Ross
BIO 101 Principles of Biology R. Randhir
BIO 141 Environmental Biology S. Trueman, N. Rich
BIO 231* Anatomy & Physiology 1 B. Poe, R. Randhir
BIO 232* Anatomy & Physiology 2 R. Randhir
BUS 105 Personal Finance R. Belemjian
CET 230 Transportation Engineering C. DeSellier
CHM 101 Survey of Chemistry 1 J.M. Magnier
DMP 101 Digital Media Production D. Misco
ENG 101  English Composition 1 J. Stefaniak
ENG 105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication K. Perry
IND-115 Health & Welness L. Fuller
LAN 200 Sustainable Landscape Design J. Werner
LAN 250 Sustainable Pest Control J. Werner
MAT 087 Algebra 1 J.M. Magnier
MAT 097* Algebra 2 A. Simao
MAT 100* Contemporary Math Applications A. Simao
MAT 101* Math in Modern Society A. Simao
MAT 115* Statistics J.M. Magnier
MAT 130* Precalculus Mathematics J.M. Magnier
MAT 220* Discrete Structures J.M. Magnier
MAT 240* Linear Algebra J.M. Magnier
MGT 101 Principles of Management C. Atwater
MGT 230* Business Ethics C. Atwater
MKT 220* Customer Service and Sales C. Atwater
MKT 250* Marketing for the Internet D. Sabato
MKT 260* Consumer Behavior G. Olmstead
OIT 110  Communications and Editing 1 E. Cusick
OIT 111 Communications and Editing 2  
PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy A. Travis
PHY 116* Physics of Green Energy B. Washburn
PSY 201 Human Growth & Development T. Przybylowicz
RCH 100 Basic Research C. Contrada, M. Packard, D. Paquette, D. Moore
THR 101 Fundamentals of Acting P. O'Donoghue
THR 212 College Theater Workshop P. O'Donoghue

* denotes courses with prerequisites

The following courses use materials that cost $50 or less.

Course Number Course Name Faculty
ART 101 Intro to Art/Basic Design F Riddle
ART 101 Intro to Art/Basic Design T Vouros
ART 104 Drawing Composition F Riddle
ART 206 Figure Drawing F Riddle
COL 101 College Success K Perry
CRJ 260* Criminal Justice Capstone S Dupuis
DMP 102 Internet Multimedia D Misco
GAT 125 Typography & Layout Design C Lukas
GAT 155 Macintosh Operating Systems C Lukas
GAT 225* Advanced Typography & Layout Design C Lukas
GAT 245* Digital Portfolio Workshop C Lukas
PHY 231* Classical Physics 1 S Thavanthri

*denotes courses with prerequisites

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Free Online Courses (non STCC)

College/Test Prep & Refresher Courses

A library of content that covers math, the sciences, and humanities with assessment activities that are tracked and badges awarded for complete content.
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Online College Courses

Carnegie Melon Open Learning Initiative 
The site "offers online courses to anyone who wants to learn or teach." Instructors may use courses for their own credit granting courses.

edX offers free interactive online classes and MOOCs from the world's best universities, colleges, and organizations.

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) 
MIT OCW allows anyone free online access to the teaching materials of over 2,200 course in almost all of MIT's subjects.