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ART 150 - Introduction to Photography

Use this guide to help find books and information on the history of photography.

How to use this guide:

Welcome to the STCC Library's Guide to the History of Photography

Here you will find database articles, websites, biographies, and other information on the field of photography. 

The History of Photography

A lot has changed since Nicophore Niepce made the world's first permanant photograph in France in the year 1827. Today, film seems like it's on its way out, cameras have turned digital and just about everyone has one these days since almost all cell phones come with a camera. In the beginning, photography was messy, there were lots of chemicals involved and glass plates to juggle, everything had to be done quickly or the image faded away. Today, images are stored on a memory card and virtually the only people who work with film and chemicals are art photographers.

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Evolution of the Camera