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ENG 101 - English Composition 1


Read one of the short stories (or watch the movie assigned to your group).

Within those, look for a topic that is still relevant in our 21st Century. 

Make a claim to that effect. Using the type essay writing type assigned, state your opinion supported by reference material that must come from the STCC Library reference guide for English 101. You will broaden your knowledge using databases such as Issues and Controversies, CQ Researcher, and others. 

Library Resources


Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)

Massachusetts Career Information System‚Äč

Search Strategy

1. What are the main concepts of your topic and what keywords might you use when searching?

Example topic: Does playing violent video games lead to violent behavior in adolescents? Key concepts are in bold.

Other possible keywords: Media violence, aggression, popular culture, teenagers or youth, psychological aspects, social aspects.

Modify your search strategy after you begin searching. Use the power of the databases (limiters, suggested subjects, and more) to further develop your search. Use broader concepts when searching the online catalog for books.

2. Determine what information you need. Follow your instructor's syllabus carefully. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many sources do I need? (Did your instructor give you a number?)
  • What types of sources do I need? (Books? Articles? Websites?)

3. Get background information on your topic. Use our online reference databases, listed on the left, to gather information on the broader context of your topic. This preliminary research will also help identify more keywords for searching.

TIP: Start early! You can try using the Search Planning Worksheet below from Middlesex Community College, and this Assignment Calendar from the University of Minnesota.