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ENG 101 - English Composition 1

Welcome to the English 101 Research Guide!

This resource guide is intended to help students with their work and assignments in their English 101 class. Students will find help and advice here for doing their research, while using good academic sources.

Group of five students working together around a single laptop
Image from SRI International.

To start, choose the tab to the left according to your professor's last name. You may also want to review steps in the Research Process, listed below. Information to help you with these steps can be found in the Research Process Guide.

  1. Identify and develop your topic.
  2. Find background information on your topic & plan your search.
  3. Find books and media on your topic using the catalog.
  4. Find periodical articles from our print collection and the library databases.
  5. Find credible Web sources.
  6. Evaluate the sources you find.
  7. Cite the sources/information you use.

Keep in mind that during the process you may need to revisit steps in order to refine your topic and/or results.