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LAN 200 - Sustainable Landscape Practices

Lab 11: Evaluating Plans and Designing with Perennials

Evaluating Plans
Designing with Perennials Project


            3 Sheets of plans “Pleasant Street Improvements; City of Northampton”

            The Perennial Farms Wholesale Nursery Catalog

            “Woody Shrubs for Stormwater Retention Practices” by E. Dropkin and N. Bassuk


Task #1

            Go through plant list on sheet 12 (of 23)

                        Locate plants on the plan

            Write up a list of the plants indicating the following:

                        Do you recommend that plant for the plan? YES or NO

                        Give 1 or 2 reasons why or why not for each plant

                        *typed list on a separate piece of paper preferred*

Task #2

            Re-design plantings:  Instructor will indicate specific beds for re-design

                        Trace bed(s) on to vellum paper

                        Create a plant list and key

                        *Remember to cross-reference Invasive Species List!*