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LAN 200 - Sustainable Landscape Practices

Lab 5: Evaluating and Choosing Nursery Stock

LAB: Evaluating and Choosing Nursery Stock

Activity: Nursery Field Trip

Main Points from Lab:

  • Types of nursery stock: container, B&B (balled and burlap), bare root
  • Inspect before you purchase
  • Evaluate for Quality Factors:
    • Rootball defects; shape of rootball
    • Size, shape, structure of canopy (uniformity)
    • Planting depth
    • Included bark
    • Trunk form
    • Branch Arrangement
    • Pruning cuts
    • Pests and diseases
    • Leaf Color
    • Top die-back
  • Other considerations
    • Trunk and canopy defects are easier to correct than root system defects
    • Size of rootball is a consideration; how much irrigation can be provided…a larger tree needs greater watering consistency in nursery and on site
    • Bend test for trunk: poor rooting?
    • Caliper vs tree height pg.6 in booklet
      • ANSI standards
    • Avoid mulit-leaders; no major branches should be touching; branch diameter should be less than 2/3 of trunk diameter.