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Call Numbers

A call number is like an address for an item in a library. It's a code made up of letters and numbers that helps you find books on the shelves. It groups books by topic to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.


The following are some general call number areas in the field of literature related to poetry. Books with these call numbers are located on the third floor in the STCC Library.   

PN 1110-1279  Poetry - History and criticism 
PN 6099-6110  Collections of general literature - Poetry
PQ 1160-1193  French poetry
PQ 6174.95-6215  Spanish poetry
PS 301-326 American poetry
PS 580-619 Collections of American poetry

Poetry Anthologies in the STCC Library

This is just a sample of the poetry anthologies you can find in the STCC Library. Anthologies are collections of texts by various authors, often related by theme, literary genre, or geography. Find more by searching the library catalog.

Contemporary Poets

Poetry by some of the most important poets of our time. Find more by searching the library catalog.

Historical Poets

Below is just a tiny sampling of works by some of the most famous poets in history. Find more by searching the library catalog.