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The DLO Process


This guide is intended to demonstrate the process by which the Springfield Technical Community College Library creates DLOs, or Digital Learning Objects. DLO's are brief, specific, how-to videos aimed at a particular learning goal - searching a database, formatting a paper, or navigating a website, for example. 


The method by which your library creates content will vary, of course. This guide isn't meant to be prescriptive; instead, it's a summary of how the STCC Library approached this particular project. Your talented librarians will possess a variety of skills, as ours do - our Collections librarian has a background in music and recording, so he was a perfect fit to narrate the original videos. Our electronic services librarian brought tech skills and did much of the early screencasting and uploading. Cross-training has occurred along the way, allowing multiple librarians to now fulfill different tasks. And we are a very small staff, consisting of five full-time librarians (including the Dean) and two part-time librarians.