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U. S. History

U. S. History Research Guide

Welcome to the U.S. History Research Guide!

This guide will help you get started finding resources to related to United States History.  Use the tabs on the left to get to specific kinds of items. Contact me with questions by using the information in the box at the lower left.

What is the Catalog?

Your catalog provides access to the STCC library's collection of:

  • books,
  • audiovisual materials (cds, dvds, vhs, etc.)
  • reference books, and
  • e-materials.

Additionally, we are able to borrow material from over 100 libraries through the C/W MARS (Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing) system. This means that if we don't have an item you want, check other libraries (see instructions in left side bar) and the item will be shipped here within approximately 4 business days, no charge to you!

You can use the box below to do a simple keyword search in the STCC catalog (see left sidebar):

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