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STCC Honors Program: Who ARE these Honors Students?

About these students...

Honors students come from all departments and majors. Some students with outstanding SAT scores or placement into an Honors English Comp class can start the honors program the day they arrive on campus. Usually, honors students have earned a GPA (or QPA) of 3.2 or better in at least 4 courses (12 credits). They may need an elective to complete program requirements, or they have decided to challenge themselves by taking an honors seminar or adding responsibilities to a regular class. Students who hope to enter career specific programs, like nursing or engineering often take seminars before starting their majors. In addition, some programs (such as nursing) have provided opportunities for add-ons within the major. Add-on responsibilities include presenting their work in a public venue, such as a class, a group meeting or at an Honors sponsored event.

Admission Requirements: To qualify for participation in the Honors Program, a student must be either:

  • An entering freshman with a 3.5 GPA from high school - OR - a 3.0 GPA from a high school honors program - OR - 1000 combined SAT score; --OR--
  • A current student with 12 college-level credits and a 3.2 GPA.

Students who do not currently fulfill these requirements may seek admission into the program by submitting a letter of recommendation from a recent professor and an original piece of writing demonstrating academic competence, such as a research paper from a recent course.