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Digitized Archive Collection: Academic Catalogs

About STCC Academic Catalogs

Since opening in 1967, STCC has prepared course catalogs that provide detailed descriptions of the degree programs and individual courses offered in a given academic year. The digital versions of these course catalogs will be of use to those seeking to transfer credit for courses taken while attending STCC, or simply for memory's sake to alumni, former faculty and staff.

A set of the original course catalogs are held in the STCC Library Archives and are available for consultation by appointment or during the Library's opening hours.  

To view the course catalogs online, click on one of the links below.


Academic Catalogs 1967-1979

1967-1968 Academic Catalog

1970-1972 Academic Catalog

1973-1974 Academic Catalog

1975 Fall Academic Catalog

1975 Spring Academic Catalog

1976-1977 Academic Catalog

1977-1978 Academic Catalog

1979-1980 Academic Catalog

Academic Catalogs 1980-1989

1980-1981 Academic Catalog

1981-1982 Academic Catalog

1982-1983 Academic Catalog

1984-1985 Academic Catalog

1985-1986 Academic Catalog

1986-1987 Academic Catalog (20th Anniversary Catalog)

1988-1989 Academic Catalog

1989-1990 Academic Catalog

Academic Catalogs 1990-1999

1990-1991 Academic Catalog

1991-1992 Academic Catalog

1992-1993 Academic Catalog

1993-1994 Academic Catalog

1995-1996 Academic Catalog

1996-1997 Academic Catalog (30th Anniversary Catalog)

1998-1999 Academic Catalog

Academic Catalogs 2000-2009

2000-2002 Academic Catalog

2004-2005 Academic Catalog

2006 Academic Catalog

2008 Academic Catalog

2009 Academic Catalog

Academic Catalogs 2010-2020

2010 Academic Catalog

2011 Academic Catalog

2013 Academic Catalog

2014 Academic Catalog

‚Äč2015  Academic Catalog