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eResources & Systems Librarian

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Dan Paquette
STCC Library
Building 19 - Second Floor


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New Database Trial!

This is a 30 day trial of Visible Body for STCC faculty, staff, and students.   The Visible Body suite of applications covers anatomy, physiology, and pathology, with the content and coverage varying by application. The content includes 3D illustrations, MRI scans, cadaver images, animations, quizzes, and definitions and pronunciations available in multiple languages.

Accessing Visible Body

Here's how to get started using and reviewing this amazing (and easy to use) software:
1) Click on the link(s) below when you are on campus (within your college's internet IP range). Remote/off campus access will be set up soon. 


2) Click the blue "launch" button (Can take a few minutes to load, depending on connection speed.)

3) Watch the tutorial

4) Explore Visible Body's award-winning programs!