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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Information and resources on Open Educational Resources (OER) available to faculty & students free of cost.

STCC Zero Textbook Cost Courses - Fall 2022

The courses on this list do not have any associated textbook or materials costs. The textbook and/or other course materials will be provided to you by the professor, for free.

Course Number Course Name Faculty Name
ABT-125/125L Architectural CAD 1 (& Lab) Nathan Rosazza
BIO-104 Human Biology I Joseph Kele
BIO-115 Nutrition M. Nash
BUS-222 Business Decision Tools E. Cusick
CMP-106 Computer Basics: Concepts and Applications E. Cusick; R. Tetrault
CMP-122 Excel E. Cusick
CMP-123 Access E. Cusick
COL-102 Digital Literacy for College Success E. Cusick
COL-112 Business Exploration D. Sabato
COL-121 Career Readiness C. Atwater
DMP-101 Intro to Multimedia D. Misco
DMP-160 Audio Production 1 D. Misco
DMP-251 Game Design & Development D. Misco
DMS-201 Introductory Sonographic Procedure E.S. Lee
ENG-101 English Composition 1 M. Sias; D. Flaim; P. Bernal; C. Crutchfield
ENG-101H English Composition 1 Honors Y. Sriharan
ENG-102 English Composition 2 J. Riddle    
ENG-105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication K. Perry
FYE-101 First Year Experience Y. Lopez; K. Perry
HIS-110 Survey of Early U.S. History and Government J. Diffley    
MAT-061 Foundations of Pre-Algebra and Statistics F. Dos Santos Malavaes; N. Bedinelli
MAT-062 Foundations of Elementary Algebra F. Dos Santos Malavaes; V. Hill
MAT-063 Foundations of College Algebra F. Dos Santos Malavaes; V. Hill
MAT-100 Contemporary Math Applications A. Simao
MAT-101 Math in Society A. Simao    
MAT-115 Statistics F. Dos Santos Malavaes
MAT-117 Pre-Calculus for Business and Social Sciences N. Bedinelli
MAT-124 Technical Mathematics 1 J. McDonald    
MAT-131 Calculus 1 A. Simao    
MAT-132 Calculus 2 V. Hill
MED-102 Human Body in Health and Disease S. Perez
MET-261/261L Solidworks Design II (and Lab) J. Falcetti
MGT-101 Principles of Management D. Sabato; C. Atwater
MGT-220 Human Resources Management C. Atwater
MGT-230 Business Ethics C. Atwater    
MGT-260 Organizational Behavior C. Atwater    
OIT-111 Communications and Editing E. Cusick
PHL-101 Intro to Philosophy S. Peron
PHL-120 Critical Thinking J. Riddle; P. Bernal
PHL-201 Ethics in the Modern World J. Diffley
PSY-101 General Psychology J. Nasser; Y. Lopez
PSY-210 Human Growth and Development T. Przybylowicz
PTA-101 Introduction to Physical Therapy E. Frink
SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology J. Nasser; G. DeFillipo
SWK-130 Counseling Techniques E. Cantor
RCH-100 Basic Research All instructors    

STCC Low Cost Courses

The following courses have a total materials cost of $50 or less when purchased new at the STCC Bookstore.

Course Number Course Name Faculty Name
ENG-101 English Composition 1 Y. Sriharan
ENG-224 Diverse Voices in Short Stories & Poetry K. Perry
MKT-101 Principles of Marketing D. Sabato
PHY-232 Classical Physics II S.N. Thanvanthri