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Acronyms for STCC: S

This is a list of terms used on the campus


  • SAHSS = School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 

  • SALC = Springfield Adult Learning Center, program that provides adult basic education classes to 250 students/week on the STCC campus. 

  • SAP = Student Ambassador Program (for information, contact Student Activities).

  • SBIT= School of Business and Information Technology 
  • ‚ÄčSESAC = Society of Stage Authors and Composers, a performing rights organization; the College has a license permitting the public performance of songs. 
  • SET = School of Engineering Technologies 
  • SGA = Solicitation of Grant Applications (See RFP).  AND also: Student Government Association. 
  • SHPS = School of Health & Patient Simulation.  
  • SINGLE STOP = Not an acronym, but together with CAS (see above)  a student service department  that works in partnership with Single Stop, USA to provide a one-stop-shop connecting eligible students to federal and state financial resources, community service providers, and helping students secure other forms of resources. Click here for more information.
  • SLO = Student learning outcomes 
  • SMC = SIMS Medical Center. 
  • SPC  = Statistical Process Control
  • SSC =  Student Success Center (building 27, first floor). OR Student Success Council.     Following the college’s work with Achieving the Dream that began identifying and removing barriers to student success,while  supporting and demonstrating evidence of improvement, the STCC Student Success Council, and associated Working Groups, is working to keep the College moving forward in these efforts. is the link.
  • SSO = Student Success Outcomes. 
  • SNAP = Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as food stamps).
  • SOAR = Student Outcome Annual Reflection Academic and all other departments conduct student outcomes annual reflections.   
  • SORI = Sexual offender record information.  Chief Shawn DeJong oversees this area.
  • SSTA = Self-Service Time & Attendance – Massachusetts state employee time reporting. 
  • STCC = Pronounced STICK OR ESS TEE CEE CEE. Whatever you call it, Springfield Technical Community College. 
  • STCC (RAVE) ALERT = See Rave Alert.  
  • STCCAC = STCC Assistance Corporation: The Board appointed by the Governor (4), the Mayor of Springfield (3) and the Board of Trustees (4, including the Chair) to oversee the business operations of the Technology Park. President
    Rubenzahl is secretary of this Board, ex officio.   
  • SSA = STEM Starter Academy.  Dean Robert Dickerman oversees this summer program. 
  • SSS = Student support services: A team of professionals committed to monitoring student progress to promote growth and success in college.  SSS is part of the Enrollment Management Division. Find Student Support Services in Building 27, 2nd floor, Room 208 or call (413) 755-4718. 
  •  STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. 
  •  STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.