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Acronyms for STCC: H

This is a list of terms used on the campus


  • HAHE = Hispanic Association of Higher Education
  • HCC= Holyoke Community College
  • HEIRS = Higher Education Information Resource System. Used statewide by the BHE.
  • HETS = Hispanic Educational Technology Services, whose vision says “They will become the leading Hispanic bilingual technology=oriented consortium to efficiently and effectively enhance Hispanic student success and opportunities in Higher Education. We are members and students (as well as faculty) can get assistance through the HETS link.  
  • HiSET = High School Equivalency Test; this credential serves as the "transcript" for non-traditional students entrance to college.  Also GED.
  • HSEP = Hartford/Springfield Economic Partnership = a group of approximately 25 organizations (including STCC) north and south of the state border who  work at promoting the region, known as the Knowledge Corridor, as a GREAT place to locate, relocate, expand your business or move your family.  Assistant to the President. Michael Suzor is on the steering committee. 
  • HSI = Hispanic Serving Institution 
  • HVAC = Heating, ventilating and air conditioning. Our HVAC folks are part of campus facilities.