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Acronyms for STCC: E

This is a list of terms used on the campus


  • E & I = Educational and Institutional Cooperative Service – purchasing consortium 
  • EBOC = Employee Benefits and Operations Center
  • EDC = Economic Development Council of the Pioneer Valley is an organization charged with promoting Hampden/Hampshire Counties as a great area to live, work, recreate.  It serves as a resource to companies inquiring about economic health and well-being, demographics, the permitting process, etc. within the region.  Ira Rubenzahl is on its board. 
  • ​ELL = English Language Learners
  • ERx​ = Enrollment Rx is the new online application system. 
  • ESOL = English for Speakers of Other Languages; classes to improve new Americans reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that prepare them for college or employment. 
  • ESL = English as a second language. 
  • EVP = Executive Vice President