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Acronyms for STCC: C

This is a list of terms used on the campus


  • CAB = Campus Activities Board (a part of Student Activities)

  • CADD = Computer Aided Design and Drafting   

  • CADA = Council of Academic Division Administrators - Massachusetts Higher Education. 

  • CAEL = The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), makes it easier for people to get the education and training they need by linking people’s education to their jobs or future careers. They support ways to link learning from their work and life experiences to individual’s educational goals—so they earn their degrees and credentials faster. - See more at:

  • CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing. 

  • CAO = Chief Academic Officer. 

  • CAS = Center for Access Services. 

  • CBS = Connecticut Business Systems – The College’s vendor for copiers and networked printer maintenance.
  • CCAT = Core Competency Assessment Team, group of faculty that conduct institution-wide assessment of our core competencies/learning outcomes (written & oral communication, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, information literacy, computer literacy) 
  • CCFSSE = Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (from the website) “elicits information from faculty about their perceptions regarding students' educational experiences, their teaching practices, and the ways they spend their professional time—both in and out of the classroom.” Find more: 
  • CCGS = Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield (AIC, BAY PATH, ELMS, HCC, SPRINGFIELD COLLEGE, SPRINGFIELD TECHNICAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE, WESTERN NEW ENGLAND UNIVERSITY and WESTFIELD STATE UNIVERSITY.) Affiliates of all colleges can use one another’s libraries. Students at these colleges can sometimes take classes at one of the other campuses.  
  • CCSSE = Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE). We administer it here at STCC every 3 years to learn from our students about a variety of their college experiences. <Control> <Click> for more 
  • CFO = Chief Financial Officer 
  • CIHE = Commission of Institutions of Higher Education
  • CIT = Campus Improvement Team
  • CLGS = Cooperating Libraries of Greater Springfield. Works under the CCGS umbrella. 
  • CN = College Now is the dual enrollment program run by Admissions. 
  • CNC = Computer Numerical Control. 
  • C/W MARS (Central/Western Automated Resource Sharing) = is the library's integrated catalog. It's the way patrons can identify items, request items from other libraries, and access e=books and videos. 
  • COMMBUYS = the official procurement record system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Executive Departments. 
  • CORI (REPORT) = criminal offender record information (Chief Shawn DeJong oversees this activity.) 
  • CSA = Campus Security Authority. 

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