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Library Student Advisory Board: Home

Why should you join?

Joining the STCC Library Student Advisory Board is a way to share your ideas for making STCC a better place. Help us make the library a better place for:

  • Finding resources
  • Studying by yourself or with a group
  • Learning and using new technologies
  • Connecting with others in the STCC community

Being a board member also looks good on your resume and gives you valuable experience you can use after you graduate.

If you have questions or would like to know when the next meeting is, please contact Chelsea Contrada at or 755-5634

Librarian Advisor

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Chelsea Contrada
Building 19, Room 221C

STCC Library Student Advisory Board

The STCC Library recognizes that a strong community college library requires input and participation from the student body. The Student Advisory Board is a fundamental component of the library's efforts to support the mission of Springfield Technical Community College and the mission of the STCC Library.

The Board is responsible for communicating thoughts, ideas, and concerns to the STCC librarians and staff. The primary responsibility of this group is to make suggestions on ways to improve the effectiveness of the library. Other responsibilities include:

  • Provide librarians with relevant user feedback and advice on library services and resources to support undergraduate student study and research needs.
  • Provide input on library policies and services and recommend appropriate changes.
  • Communicate user needs to the library.
  • Promote the library and its materials to other STCC students.
  • Volunteer to help out with library events. 

The STCC Library Student Advisory Board meets once a month in the library. Any STCC student is welcome to join.

How the board helps

Library Services

Students can make suggestions to help librarians come up with new services for patrons and ways that current services could be improved. Do you think there is a better way for your librarians to help you with a research paper? Let us know!


Books, DVDs, CDs, journals, magazines.. The library hopes to have materials available for your educational and personal needs. Students on the library advisory board may recommend new materials for library staff to buy and lend. Think the library doesn’t have a big enough fantasy collection? We’d love your suggestions or ideas!


Students may recommend new technologies, whether it be software for the lab computers or a new mobile device, to consider for library use. Technology has a huge impact on the way we access information and create new knowledge, making new technologies essential education and research tools. 


Students on the Board help brainstorm, plan, and staff library events. Library events include book readings, workshops, and fundraisers. Students also help staff library tables at campus-wide events. 


Students on the Board are asked to recommend the library to other students. Know a friend who needs a quiet place to study? Does a classmate need computer to type up an assignment? Tell them about all the materials, technology, and services the library has to offer. We are here to help you!