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Note from Professor Crowley on 3/29/2020.

One of the most important characteristics of writing and certainly the research process is knowing when a change of direction or design is necessary. Revision is a essential characteristic of both writing as well as research. In this context. I am changing the requirements for English 102 with regards to THE Lottery Project .I am no longer requiring an outline or summary of an article of literary criticism. Listening to my students and reviewing the complexity of many of these articles has lead me to drop this requirement.
In place of this direction, the NEW REQUIREMENTS are presented in Process #3.  
!. Answer in a clear and reflective style questions 9, and 10 in our Textbook, Compact Literature by Kirszner , Page 426.
2. Make the poem Heart of Hunger by Martin Espada and Song for a Dark Girl by Langston Hughes as part of your written response. In other words, how does  hatred or killing of others make one feel "good". How does projecting ones hidden FEAR release one's" not ok feelings". Why does a bully feels good when he/she beats -up a smaller rival? Why does it feel good to put-down another person using a lie or lies, Why does slander sometimes make us feel GOOD?
3.Use  the short story The Lottery and at least 4 (four) YouTube videos to support your written responses. In this regard, be certain to utilize at least one film presentations of The Lottery followed by at least 3 teacher presentations.
4.This major paper should be 3 to 4 pages or more followed by a WORKS CITED page listing your various sources: youtube  short film  and  teacher presentations of THE Lottery.
Please email me with any and ALL questions with regards to this assignment. My email : .



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