The Writing Process

This guide is intended to help you start writing a college paper.

Writing an Argumentative Essay?

If you are writing an argumentative essay, try some of our Current Events databases to find articles on your topic.

The Writing Center

The STCC Writing Center is available to help you edit and revise your papers. They are located in Building 13, Rm. 125 and are open M-F 9 am-5 pm (with selective evenings open until 7 pm). Call 413-755-4234 for more information.

Common Writing Assignments

After reading your assignment, determine what type of paper you are being expected to write. You may then explore the following Web pages to find information on each type of papers and tips on writing them.

Writing Tips!

  • Choose a topic you care about. It's easier to form an argument or describe a subject if you truly care about it.
  • Take a break. Some of the best writers say that they never write anything in one sitting. Walking away from an assignment and coming back to it with a clear head can do wonders!
  • Don't procrastinate! Every college student leads a busy life. But giving yourself plenty of time to write, review, and edit your paper will ensure you submit your best work.