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Faculty Services

What the Library Can Do for You

The STCC Library is committed to providing resources and services that will help faculty access and use the information they need, and to help them help their students make the most of the library's resources. Library services to faculty include library instruction for classes, placing materials on reserve, selecting books and more. The Library encourages faculty to develop an active partnership with the Library so that together we can better serve our students.

Librarians are here to work with you and your students as you create and implement assignments, and help you and your students find, evaluate, or cite information. 

The library offers:

  • If you are new to our library or are considering a new assignment, you can schedule one-on-one time with a reference librarian, who can work with you on developing assignments for your students to improve their information literacy skills. You can also take a look at the resources in the library guide to information literacy geared for faculty and look at resources geared to preventing plagiarism.
  • You can use the library catalog to find specific books (including electronic books) and audiovisual materials, or use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request materials not available through the STCC Library.. You can use the library databases, arranged either by subject or by title, to find articles from magazines, journals, newspapers and reference works.
  • You can suggest materials for the library to consider purchasing to enhance the collection. You can suggest specific books or just let us know if you need books on specific subjects.
  • The length of time an item will circulate is dependent on the format and type of library card used to borrow. Faculty members may borrow books and audio materials for the duration of the semester and may borrow videos (DVD's and VHS) for one week. Faculty members may also request permission to borrow periodicals, which do not generally circulate.
  • Library materials are organized according to the Library of Congress Classification system. Library materials on similar topics will have similar call numbers and will be shelved together.

This guide was based in part on a guide of the COM Library, found at



Who to Contact

Questions, concerns, suggestions -- who to contact:

To schedule library instruction sessions for your class, please contact Ruth Alcabes, Reference and Information Literacy Librarian. She can be reached at 413-755-4550 or at You may also fill out our online request for instruction.

If you have a particular reference question, you can stop by the reference desk in the library, call the reference desk at (413)755-4549, or submit your question on this form.

The circulation department helps books and other items "go 'round and 'round". Kim Noel is the Circulation Manager, and can be reached at (413)755-4546 or with questions about the library's borrowing policies, as well as about reserve materials.

The Library has instituted a liaison program in order to build effective working relationships between the library and the faculty, and to cultivate communication between the Library and the College's various Schools. Each School has been assigned a library liaison as the formal contact person between the Library and that School. In particular, you can contact your liaison about library materials to support your curriculum.

  • School of Business and Information Technologies:  Ruth Alcabes
  • School of Engineering Technologies: Erica Eynouf
  • School of Health and Patient Simulation: Eric Warren   (Contact  Barbara Wurtzel regarding the Nursing Program)
  • School of Math, Science and Engineering Transfer: Chelsea Delnero
  • School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: Anna Bognolo  (See below for librarians assigned to specific departments in this school.)






Link Your Students to the Library!

Your students will get more out of the library if you get more of the library into your class.

Face to Face Library Instruction:
Click here to schedule Library Instruction
Bring your class to the library or invite a librarian to your classroom to introduce your students to all the resources they will need. With a little advice and guidance, your students can become even more efficient and effective when gathering information for their research projects. Scheduling a class is quick and easy using the above link, or click here for more information.

Research Guides:
Click here to link to our Subject Research Guides
Don’t have time to bring your class to the library, or are your students telling you they already know how to use the library? We can still provide pointers and short-cuts through a custom-made research guide. Contact your library liaison if you would like a specialized guide created for your class or assignment. Follow the above link to see the types of guides the STCC librarians have already prepared.

Link to Databases:
Click here to link to the STCC Library Databases
Tired of your students “Googling” their way through research papers? Would you like your students to search specific library databases instead? Give them direct links to the databases you know and trust. It’s easy!
Example: Copy and paste the links for Academic Search Premier (On Campus and Off Campus links) into your web page.

Link to Catalog Materials
Click here to link to our Catalog
You may also create a link to any of the resources found in the Library’s Catalog by looking up an item, and copying and pasting the URL from the browser’s address bar. Librarians can assist you creating links in your Blackboard courses to library electronic resouces.

Contact Ruth Alcabes by email or extension 4550 for help with any of these options.

Interlibrary Loan - Materials from Beyond the STCC Library

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a method of obtaining materials, such as books and articles, not available through the STCC Library. Materials that are not available through the Library's collections may, in many cases, be borrowed from other libraries using this service.

Members of the STCC community may request materials by filling out an InterLibrary Loan request form online, or by forms at the reference desk of the library. Green cards are used for articles; white cards for books. The forms are also available electronically below and may be e-mailed to Kim Noel, Circulation Manager. Patrons will be contacted by telephone or email upon receipt of the item.

However, before requesting materials using these forms, you can search the catalog to see if they are available in any of the libraries that are part of the C/W MARS system. 

Instructional Support

In addtion to conducting library instruction session in the library lab or in the classroom, the librarians are also available to meet with you to discuss your needs. We could work with you on developing subject-related bibliographies or research guides, and assist you with developing research assignments.

Unsure about just what electronic resources the library has to offer? Why not have a library staff member drop by your office for a personal tour? Visits can last from 15 minutes to an hour, and can include Internet instruction, introductions to library databases, the Online Catalog, and just about anything else you can think of. Just call the reference desk at x.4549 to set up a visit, or contact the Library Liaison for your School.


We have created numerous LibGuides, online research guides that are available to your students 24/7, including some for specific courses or programs geared towards students doing research in a variety of disciplines. Through each LibGuide students get access to all the most relevant resources for their topic, as well as advice about the research process.

With enough lead time we’re happy to create guides just for you and your students, to support your courses. Ultimately the most relevant LibGuides to your students are those that have your input, so please contact either your School's Library Liaison (or another reference librarian of your choice!) about creating a custom Guide.

Here are some of the guides that we have already created:

The Library and Blackboard

The library can enhance your Blackboard courses in many ways. You can link to our LibGuides, or embed LibGuide content into your Blackboard course, to provide research help for your students at their point of need. You can even arrange to have a librarian embedded in your Blackboard course to help your students! This librarian could send out a message to your students to let them know she/he is there to provide research help, provide links to relevant  resources and monitor the class for research questions.

You might also want to provide your students with links in Blackboard to articles, eBooks or other library electronic resources. A librarian can help you with this process. See the box to the left to find out the library liaison assigned to your School.