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Online Learning / Distance Education

This guide will introduce you to all the tools that make research possible even if you're far from campus and taking one of our online courses.

You don't have to be on campus to "go to the library"

If you're a current student located outside the Springfield area and taking online courses, this is the guide for you!

This guide will help you get started finding information using STCC library resources.  Use the tabs across the top to get to specific kinds of material, such as magazine articles, articles from scholarly journals, and reference resources such as encyclopedia articles. You can also go to the Web site of the library and get further information by using this link.

Most of the resources mentioned above are available through our online databases. See box below for information about these databases.

In order to access any of the databases from a computer that is not on the STCC campus, you must have a library accessibility number. This can be obtained by completing the online learning library card request form from the STCC Web site. 

You may contact me with questions by using the information in the box at the lower left.



What is an online database?

An online database is an electronic, searchable collection of information and sources.

What kinds of information can I find in a library's databases?  

Databases generally contain information the full text of the contents of a variety of sources including books, popular magazines, scholarly journals, and newspapers.

Why should I use a database?

Databases provide quick access to credible academic information. Most of this information is not freely available on the open Web.

How do I choose a database?

Think about your topic and the subject area(s) it concerns.  Then use the list of databases grouped by subject to narrow in on potential databases, or check out our Research Guides on specific subjects for suggestions. You can also choose a database based on the type of material you want to find, like articles from reference books or newspaper, by using the tabs at the top of this guide.

How do I access the online databases from off-campus?

Use your library barcode number (in the space where you are asked for library card number), along with your last name in all caps. The number can be obtained by completing the online learning library card request form from the STCC Web site.  You should then have 24/7 access to all the database materials.  If you encounter login problems, please contact the library's Reference Desk at (413)755-4549.

(Above based on Northwest Vista College's guide for Distance Learning.)

Get more help

We hope that this research guide has answered some of your questions about accessing library resources. If you need further help, you are encouraged to contact the library's Reference Department, which provides assistance to users in locating resources to meet information and research needs. You may:

* Call us at (413) 755-4549 during library hours, or come in to the Library in Building 27 of the STCC campus if you are nearby.

* Ask a librarian by e-mail. Please include your name and e-mail address so we can back to you as quickly as possible. Our goal is to respond within 48 hours.

As an STCC student, you are entitled to make use of our resources and student services, and the librarians are dedicated to giving you the help you need.