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Medical Coding

A tool for students in the first and second year of Medical Coding


Use this guide to find reliable, up-to-date articles from magazines, journals and RELIABLE online sites that offer useful information on medical coding. Your library and library staff are here to help you!

How to Use the Catalog

Use the catalog to find items in this and other C/W MARS libraries. You can search our catalog:

  • by an AUTHOR'S NAME, putting in the last name first, as in Leon-Chisen, Nelly;
  • by the TITLE of an item, as in ICD-9 Coding Handbook with Answers.
  • by the assigned SUBJECT of an item, if you know it, for example, "Medical records > Problems, exercises, etc"
  • by KEYWORD. Keywords are essential words that you want to see in an item, for example, "landscape". Try to think of alternative ways to get at your subject, for example, using "medical records" or "insurance claim reporting" as alternative keywords.

The STCC library has tens of thousands of items, and you may find precisely what you want here. If you don't find an item, look at the catalogs of other libraries with whom we have borrowing privileges. Click on the last arrow before the SEARCH button (beyond STCC Library) to get to the list of options.  At the top of the list is ALL C/W MARS libraries. The next option is ACADEMIC LIBRARIES. Either is a good choice.

We also have thousands of items that are identified as Electronic resources. Access to those items require you to use your RAMCARD.

If you DO find an item your want at another library OR if you want access to an electronic resource, you can search the collection of an individual library by clicking on that library. If you find an item that you want to order, you can click on Place Hold, and log into your library account (with the number on the back of your RAMCARD) and your last name in CAPITAL LETTERS to request it.

You will be asked WHERE you want your item delivered.

  • PLEASE make sure you have it delivered to STCC.
  • Click submit to have your request completed. You will get a call or email from the STCC Library when the item arrives here. (Make sure we have your current telephone number and email address!)
  • Delivery takes approximately 4 business days and costs you nothing. 

With your library account you can also renew items (as long as you do it before the item is due), as well as check what items you have out and when they are due. If you haven't found what you need in the catalog, you can check at the reference desk for Interlibrary Loan assistance.

We also have thousands of items that are identified as Electronic resources. Access to those items require you to use your RAMCARD.  Again, you need your library account to access those items. Use your RAMCARD # along with your last name in CAPITAL letters to bring those items to your desktop. If your last name doesn't work, try the last four digits of your phone number.


Books in the Library

These are some selected titles on medical coding available in the library.