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Online Learning / Distance Education

This guide will introduce you to all the tools that make research possible even if you're far from campus and taking one of our online courses.

Signing into Library Databases

Signing into STCC Library Databases is simple, once you've registered your card and received a library access number. 

1. Go to the library's website:

2. Click the Databases tab

3. Choose Databases by Subject, Databases A to Z, or select a title from the list of popular databases. 

4. Select the Database you'd like to use. You will be presented with an authentication form. 

5. On the form, enter your 14-digit access number (barcode) in the first box, and your last name ALL IN CAPS as your password in the second box. 

6. You should be connected to the database. If you experience any problems, please call the library's circulation desk during open hours at (413) 755-4845.