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Searching the Web, Searching Databases, What's the Difference?: Start Here

Both these tools offer useful content. The question is, when to use what!

Use this Guide for:

This guide is designed to help searchers try different tools to get information. One of the issues many searchers face is how to find reliable sources in a timely manner. Here's a quick guide to when to use what:

When to use a search engine versus When to use a database:

Website vs. Database:

* To find an address or a phone number. * To find academic/peer reviewed material.
* To find movie times, flights, reviews. * To find multiples sides of an issue.
* To find an opinion (usually partisan) * To find authoritative content.
* To find today's newspaper. * To find a variety of points of view.
* For games, hobbies and special interest. * To find historical content.
* For quick government information. * To find highly specific information.
REMEMBER: There is no one in charge REMEMBER: Editors and fact checkers,
of the World Wide Web are responsible for what is published.



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