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Physical Therapy

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Library Visit:  Research Assignment

  1.  Choose 2 different research studies from peer-reviewed medical journals concerning a topic that interest that involves physical therapy from the last 10 years.  Here are some examples of topics but there are many, many, many others!:
  • Total joint replacement
  • Gait among community dwelling adults
  • Early intervention treatment for the pediatric patient
  • Use of prosthetic/orthotic devices
  • Compliance with exercise programs
  • PT/PTA Education
  1. You must submit the paper found at the end of the syllabus along with a copy of the journal abstracts (usually found on the first page of the study). 
  2. The final paper will include: 
    • Summary of different studies – compare and contrast findings as well as the methodologies
    • Contributions to the profession – what is interesting and new
    • Limitations of the studies
    • Citing in the paper and references must be done in AMA style using quotations for direct quotes
    • It will be will be 3-4 pages, double spaced with a 12-14 pt font

Parts of a Research Article

A short summary of the study; usually describes methods and findings very briefly

Discusses the problem(s) addressed in the article and gives background information

Literature Review
Summarizes previous studies on this topic and identifies any trends or gaps

A prediction of the study's results made by the researchers based on what they already know

Detailed information about how the study was conducted; Discusses procedures, materials, who participated

Data collected during the study, usually presented with charts or graphs

Analysis of the results; Thoughts on the outcome of the study and thoughts on whether further research is needed

Sources used by the author(s) to conduct the study or the literature review